10 Simple Ways to Save Money | Money Saving Tips

Here are some easiest ways to save money and also we share money saving tips.

Those money saving tips can reduce your monthly budget/Bill by 20%. There’s no rocket science to save money we’re just sharing some of the very simple & easiest tips. Use these suggestions in your day-to-day expense and after a month you will be surprised and see your monthly bill of budget you reduced it without doing hard things. Let’s see

1. Buy Quality

If you buy something costly it doesn’t mean it’s worth it for you, because sometimes we spend a lot of money to buy cheap/fancy products but after a few days, we realize it’s just garbage. That is why you should only buy quality items for yourself, it’s not only long-lasting, also money saving things.

2. Wait before buy

If you are serious about money then you need to be patient & implement a habit in your daily life, if you want to buy something new for yourself then wait at least 15 days (not in an emergency) and think do you really need that thing if yes? buy it, because young ages people always curious for trying something new, so be patient and save money.

3. Use Coupons

The number of online shoppers is rapidly increasing day by day, But if you try a little effort before buying something online then believe me you can save a massive amount by using coupons, let me explain if you’re going for a movie? book your movie tickets online and find coupons on digital payments apps and grab the opportunity to save money.

4. Use L.E.D Bulb

Electricity is one of the greatest discoveries on our planet. In today’s era, we’re using electricity every day in our daily lives. It’s a part of our life but remembers it’s not free we pay for it we pay for each unit of consumption. Now the question arises what should we do to save money? You have already read the answer at the top of this point Use energy-saving L.E.D bulbs instead of ordinary bulbs to save money the L.E.D bulb consumes very little power and also a good quality product and it is long-lasting. and it most important part of our topic money saving tips.

5. Finish the loan firstMoney saving tips

Debt is your biggest enemy of savings. It takes a huge amount every month from your income if we calculate it then it is a big amount. Debt is a threat to savings. So, Pay debt first as soon as possible. First finished the loan that is charging more interest otherwise it will finish your savings.

6. Pack Your Lunch

When I’m doing my first job in IT and I used to have lunch in the restaurant(near the office) when the salary came and I saw the restaurant bill, so I understood that it was getting more expensive then I decided that I would prepare my own lunch and take it to work. And a month later I saw that I had saved a lot of money by doing this same thing.

7. Read Personal Finance Books

You must have had this quote on the internet.

The More You Learn,

The More You Earn

Just like that you should read some books on personal finance for it you don’t have to buy books from the bookstore you can also free e-books online. We all know books are helpful after reading few books you will get massive ideas on budgeting/money-saving methods.

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad
  2. Mint Your Money

 8. Cashback Websites

Always use cashback offer/promo codes while transferring money online if you can’t find any promo code/offer use different digital platforms or you can search on google for an offer definitely you will find it. But keep in mind these digital payment websites must be trusted.

9. Take Free Courses

We’re in 2020 in this year faced Covid-19 recession,  This year was very bad for us. but one thing you didn’t notice there’s a lot of courses or expensive courses were free and some are still free. You can learn new and different skills by taking advantage of them. This will save a lot and you will learn new skills also for free.

10 Quit Smoking

If you are facing financial problems and you feel you have not sufficient money in your bank account and you also smoking cigarettes? then you need to know something which I’m going to tell you. Smoking is not only harmful to health but it is also a threat to your money. Let me explain to you by this example.

Suppose if someone burns 6 cigarettes per day( $4 each) it’s mean he spend $24 per day on smoking and monthly $720,  If we calculate the annual cost of cigarettes then it is a massive amount you can’t imagine,

$720*12 months = $8,640 per year on burn cigarettes . So, quit cigarettes and save money or life both because both are important, in my opinion, life.

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