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6 Best YouTube Shorts Channel Ideas for 2022 | India

Do you want to earn money from YouTube Shorts by making videos or you’re just thinking about it? then, This article is only for you, because in this post we’re going to share with you more than 6 best youtube shorts channel ideas/niches for 2022 and also give you proper guidance and a roadmap to succeed in the youtube journey.

No doubt, Youtube is the biggest & most successful video sharing platform in the world. According to a report, today the number of smartphone users worldwide has increased to 6.648 billion. About 83.96 percent of the population on Earth has their own smartphone. This shows technology is booming rapidly.

YouTube has just recently launched YouTube shorts, it is also seen that YouTube’s algorithm is promoting short videos more than long videos, So why are you afraid to earn a lot of money by making videos on youtube? If you are still confused in choosing the topic or niche for your new channel, So now you don’t need to worry at all.

In this post, I am sharing with you a list of some of the best 6 YouTube shorts channel ideas, which if you work properly, then your channel can be monetized in a few days. I request you to read these topics properly.

The list of YouTube Shorts Channel Ideas is below.

1. Business Ideas

Lakhs of people have lost their jobs due to the COVID pandemic and some people’s salaries have been halved. If you’re interested in a business-oriented industry or have some knowledge or have any experience in such matters then you can teach those people who want to start a new business or go to startups and any other things.

All you have to do is start making informative and good quality short videos on such topics and upload them on youtube shorts, but remember the purpose of your video should be to help someone and share such content which will add some value to people’s lives.

2. Mobile Photography Tips

Best YouTube Shorts Channel Ideas

In this digital era, social media has become an important part of our life, everyone wants their beautiful and attractive pictures to get a lot of likes and comments, and It is believed that it is impossible to capture good quality pictures with just a smartphone.

With this curiosity, a desire arises in everyone’s mind that if they had an expensive DSLR camera then they would also take good quality pictures or selfies and share them on their Instagram or Meta (Facebook) but we know that a decent camera’s cost is very expensive and not everyone can afford it.

According to some well-known and experienced photographers, you can get really good shots with a smartphone. If you love photography, you can teach people through youtube shorts how to capture good quality photos from smartphones? some best poses for taking photos or you can share some secret photo editing tips one by one to enhance their smartphone photos.

3. Comedy

Trust me, this is the best youtube shorts channel idea on this entire list. Whenever I go to the trending page of YouTube, I always see at least two or three comedy videos in it. It is not that only shorts but also long videos remain in trend.

Let me tell you in simple words that if you have chosen a comedy or entertainment topic for the YouTube shorts channel or thinking about it, then your chances of being successful are high and the channel will be monetized in very little time. But it is not as easy as it seems from afar as it takes a lot of effort to create/shoot and edit such videos.

Here I’m mentioning a few important tips which you should keep in mind before starting a comedy youtube channel.

  • Your content should be humorous & entertaining
  • Video editing matters a lot in this type of content, so your videos should be edited perfectly
  • To connect with the audience, you have to appear yourself in the videos
  • You’ll also need some decent quality equipment. e.g. Good quality mic, camera & video editing software.

4. Facts Channel

You can make short videos on amazing facts, such videos get millions of views. And to make this kind of content you won’t need to show your face, You can make great videos by just using stock images and footage which are freely available on these websites e.g. pixels & pixabay But in this, you have to record your voice very well so that the viewers can watch your video till the end.

All you have to do is search on Google about Amazing Facts, then a lot of blogs and articles will come in front of you, read them properly and then whatever facts you liked, you have to make videos on it with good editing and. upload it on YouTube shorts.

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5. Fitness & Health

After the pandemic, people have become even more aware & serious about the health of themselves and their families and people of all ages want to be fit and healthy.

If you have great knowledge about health and fitness or say you are an expert in this field, then you can help people by making YouTube shorts videos and you can earn a lot of money from YouTube. You won’t have much trouble finding content ideas because the industry is huge.

You can share important fitness tips by making short 60 second videos on a daily basis or guiding people in making the right diet plan, how to stay fit in this hectic life, what to eat and what not, to stay healthy?

Or you can go into the subtleties of this wide category, which I mentioned below.

  • Yoga training
  • Home workout tips
  • Nutrition tips
  • Meditation
  • Healthy habits
  • Diet plans
  • Weight loss
  • Ayurveda

6. Personal Finance

If you have knowledge and experience in the personal finance field then you can earn a huge amount with multiple sources e.g referrals, affiliates, sponsored content, and Google AdSense.

In personal finance There’re a lot of things that you can share with the audience through youtube videos or shorts, you can talk about mutual funds, financial schemes, bonds, investments, cryptocurrency, stocks, retirement plans, and book summaries on personal finance, and other stuff.

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How to Earn Money from Youtube Shorts?

Still, most people do not know how to earn money from youtube shorts. That’s why we are sharing a list of some common ways by which you can make money from YouTube shorts. You can see the list below

  • Youtube Shorts Funds: YouTube Shorts is the only short video platform that is paying money to its creators. While there is no direct monetization program on Instagram neither for the reel creator nor for the rest though those content creators are earning money from other sources e.g. sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and other stuff.
  • Google Adsense: You may already know that Google Adsense is the most common and primary source of many youtube channel
  • Affiliate Programme.
  • Brand Promotions.
  • Selling your Own Products or Services


So, guys, those are some best youtube shorts channel ideas for 2022. If you work consistently then the chances of your succeeding will be high.