Best Daily Routine | Activities | For 20 To 25 Years Old Boys

Hey Everyone welcome to Zonsity As we all know boys are very careless & I think 70% people have yet to study & I also believe that you are living with your parents so Today, I’m going to tell you such a daily routine which by following you can make yourself even better and look smarter, and this daily routine must be followed by all 20 to 25 years old boys. So let’s know that morning routine:


1. Get up early in the morning

You may face a lot of trouble in the beginning, make sure to do routine of getting up at 5:00 am. Because getting up early in the morning, and doing some such activities keeps you healthy and active, I’m not saying brush teeth, nature calls, and the needs of all of them.
* At 5:15  you drink two glasses of hot water and if possible eat a garlic bud, it will keep your stomach healthy.
* Go to the open air for only 15 minutes at 5:30 am on the terrace or in balcony so that the fresh cold air of the morning refreshes you. Fresh air should enter your lower part, You have to take long deep breaths, and feel fresh.

2. Do Exercise Every day

Just for 30 minutes of physical activity will go a long way to keep your brain to body system running well. As we all know that we have many physiological systems to work, digestion, communication, nerve, skin, etc.
God has given us this boon which works 24 hours non-stop so, you should also exercise only for 30 minutes to keep them healthy, and if you can’t do it the morning then it will be better to do it in the Evening. And Personally I would recommend you to do it in the Evening.

3. Definitely bathe daily in the morning

Practice Meditation or Yoga for 30 minutes i.e. 6:00 am to 6:30 am. Because it will help you relax and you are ready to start the Day.

4. Fix your eating habit

You eat 4 to 6 times a day but eat less food, You should eat only half stomach, never fill your stomach and eat a fruit before eating food. And always eat 36 chewed food and eat salad with food like Carrot, Radish, Bet etc.

5. Always do small things yourself

Do not depend on others for your small needs, and take care of cleanliness around, drink tea, coffee, and hot water on your own.

6. Make a list of all activities

And ma a list of your goals as well, if you study then, it will help a lot in achieving your goals of studies or your career.

7. Make a Plan

What will you do tomorrow or want to do, and what you’re going to do next week, next month or next year, it can be according to your goals.

8. Help others

Take some time out of your busy life, you can teach some poor children for free. Anytime you can teach them when you have timed.

9. Write a Diary

Whatever Events happened to you throughout the day, you have to write before bed at Night.

10. Control Your Expenses

If you are making money then keep an eye on your expenses, Learn to save money, Write down all your expenses, how much you spent today. And Buy only if there is a very important item or else don’t buy.

11. Don’t be a Negative Mind Person

Always try to remove your mind from negativity, don’t get angry, don’t be jealous and if you stay positive then you will be freed from all this.

12. Live in the present

Pay attention to what you are doing in the present and do not spoil yourself today by worrying about past events. And do not spoil your present by worrying about the future, always be happy in the present.

13. Always Keep your thinking positive at all times

Always think well, be happy not to harm anyone, it’s very important to be positive in order to live a good life, this increases your ability to move forward in life and make you happy.