A mother throws her 4-year-old daughter from the balcony of the fourth floor

A Mother Throws Her 4-year-old Daughter from the Fourth Floor in Bengaluru – See Video

Bengaluru: A mother threw her own 4-year-old daughter down from the balcony of the fourth floor of their apartment After throwing her daughter down, the woman was about to jump with the intention of committing suicide but then her neighbors saved her.

In this horrific incident, the girl died on the spot. A Senior Police Officer said that: this entire incident was recorded on CCTV footage. This incident happened on August 4. in SR Nagar of Bengaluru Central Division.

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The accused woman (Sushma Bhardwaj) is a non-practicing dentist by profession and the girl’s father (Kiran Balakrishna) is a software engineer. The deceased girl was identified as Dhriti Balakrishna who was the only daughter in the family.

It has also come to the fore in the news that the girl (Dhriti Balakrishna) was dumb and deaf. Her mother used to be very upset and sad because her daughter was not able to speak and hear. The accused mother Sushma Swaraj has been arrested on murder charges by the police and an investigation has been started into the matter.