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Hello! Everyone Welcome to Zonsity. Today we will know about Sharukh Khan this man is a Bollywood actor producer and television artist Shahrukh Khan is also known as King Khan and King Bollywood. This is such a big actor that he does not need to introduce himself.
Because he is famous not only in India, but also abroad. He started his career with a TV serial. His career started in Bollywood with his debut film Deewane, after which he made 80 films.
Shahrukh Khan is a huge superstar, he comes third in the world’s rich people.
Shahrukh Khan father’s name was Taj Muhammad Khan he was a freedom fighter from Peshawar who came to Delhi before partition from Pakistan.
And he lived in a rented apartment. His father used to have a canteen, which used to cost money for the house, And his family started walking like a normal family, then on 2 November 1965 Shahrukh Khan was born. Perhaps Shahrukh Khan’s parents would never have dream that their son would go on to become a big actor.
His early education was completed at Sant Colombia School Which was in Delhi.
He also loved sports alongwith studies and was interested in a other school events like dance acting, etc.
Due to which he became interested in acting, he also won many awards in the school program. When Shahrukh Khan was 16 years old, his father died of cancer in 1981. After the father’s death, the family and all responsibility fell on him. After all this, his mother did not let his education fall short, and continued his education. Despite all this, Shahrukh Khan continued his studies, and also acted.
Enrolled for graduation in Hansraj College in 1985. Also joined the theater action group in which a person named Barry John taught Shahrukh Khan to get acquitted for acting.
He devoted much of his time to theater and completed his graduation in 1988 and obtained an economic degree.
Jamia Millia Islamia University took admission for post graduation. His mind seemed to be in acting for which he left his studies incomplete.
His mother died in 1990 and Shahrukh Khan is now alone, neither family nor money nor anyone’s support.
He made his mark with the military serial running on Doordarshan which people liked and dated him.
Shahrukh Khan’s love affair with Gauri Khan was his biggest problem when Shahrukh Khan was a Muslim and Gauri Khan was a Hindu religion. In Indian society, if someone in Hinduism marries a person of his own small caste, a lot of different things are made.
But here it was completely different Shahrukh Khan had neither a house nor any of his work and no family of his Due to which the family of Gauri Khan was not convinced for this. All this went on after this, after which Shahrukh Khan worked in the serial circus.
Seeing the work done in Shahrukh Khan’s serial, Hema Malini called him Hema Malini offered Shahrukh Khan to work in the film with her. Hook them up someone is joking with them, and they cut the phone.
Gauri Khan told her family about Shahrukh Khan, but her family refused to marry. Even if his family agreed, how was Shahrukh Khan not well-set?
After which Gauri Khan’s family sent her out of Delhi to her maternal uncle, Mumbai. When Shahrukh Khan came to know about this, he broke down completely. He decided that he would go to Mumbai to find Gauri Khan. Perhaps Shahrukh Khan will not even know that going to Mumbai will change his fate.
In 1991, he took his deposited money and go to Mumbai to find Gauri Khan.
All their money was spent searching for Gauri Khan and no money for her life back home. Shahrukh Khan was angry when he had to sleep on the streets, and the station, then he said.

This city troubled me a lot, I will be called king in this city in a day

It was a strange coincidence that Shah Rukh Khan found Gauri Khan walking in the middle, or he was happy. Because he had neither an address nor a number for Gauri Khan. One day, producer Vivek Vaswani suddenly came to Shahrukh Khan while he was eating biryani in Bandra.
The producer asked Shahrukh Khan to work in a film by J.P. Sippy. This man has made famous Bollywood films.

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