Top 7 Useful Tech Gadgets Under Rs. 299

Here I’m going to tell you some of the best budget gadgets that you can buy in just 299 rupees. Gadgets help us to do our daily tasks easily. Although there are thousands of gadgets are available in the online as well offline market, but finding the right one among them is a quite difficult task because most of them are of cheap quality.

So I am sharing with you some of the best quality gadgets which are good quality as well as cheap and you can buy these gadgets online for less than Rs.299. without wasting any time let’s jump to the list of top gadgets under 299


#1. Ambrane Stringz 38 Wired Earphones with Mic.

I know it sounds impossible but it is true that you can get really good sound quality earphones with bass for just Rs.149.00. Ambrane Stringz 38 is a wired earphone with a decent voice quality in this segment compared to the rest and the plus point is you can get an ok quality mic in this earphone that works well enough you can take calls, play games, etc. this earphone has a lot of features that make it the best earphone in this segment. This earphone is available in three colors, Green, Black, and Pink. you can buy Ambrane Stringz 38 Wired Earphones with Mic. here from Amazon

#2. Dell USB Wired Optical Mouse.

This is the most selling premium USB mouse of dell and one of my personal favorite on this entire list. It comes with a 1.8-meter long wire, which you can easily connect to any computer or laptop via a USB port. Although I also liked this black matte finish design on the mouse you can buy now this mouse from Amazon, it looks great compared to the rest.

#3. Portable LED Ring Selfie Light.

If you’re an Instagram reeler or other social media influencer then this gadget is will be super useful for you or I can say this is made only for you. So, you might have seen people use ring lights when they shoot short videos. Sometimes your smartphone flashlight is not enough in such a situation, this Portable Ring Light can be of great use to us and it can be easily carried in the pocket. it makes videos, selfies, photos, online meetings brighter and clear and you can stick it on any smartphone. by using this ring light you can make any photo or video more attractive. Another reason for buy this Portable LED Ring Selfie Light is usually this kind of ring light cost very expensive but this is just Rs.215. 

#4. Tygot Gorilla Tripod

The next thing you can buy is a Gorilla Tripod that supports cameras as well smartphones I’m very thankful for giving the smartphone holder that comes in the box of this gorilla tripod. it comes with so many different features,  you can easily place this on any kind of surface e.g. rooms door handles and floors. this is the most affordable tripod with amazing and useful features like flexible legs, 360-degree rotation,  steady legs, and a free mobile holder. you will get this for just Rs. 280,  buy now from Amazon.

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#5. Wired Gaming Mouse with RGB LED.

This is the budget wired gaming mouse with RGB lighting and a beautiful design this looks very cool and also the build quality is quite cheap but it works well. I’m surprised with the dpi button which lets you switch between four dpi levels and you can get a max of 25400 dpi which is good for a lightweight wired gaming mouse at this low cost. You can buy this mouse for only 299 Indian rupees.

#6. Redgear MP35 Speed-Type Gaming Mousepad.

Look,  This is not the normal usual mouse pad I mean look at the amazing design because this is the Gel mouse pad with wrist dress support as you can see it has this wrist support with gel inside so you can use the mouse comfortably and yes it feels relaxing. But I’m not sure about the durability but I can say about this after few days. but overall this is the best and comfy mouse pad for us and this is also at a cheap price only at ₹289.00 rupees.

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#7. USB LED Light.

Some laptops don’t have a backlit keyboard feature, If your laptop also does not have this feature, then this next gadget will be quite useful for you. So,  I’m talking about this mini USB LED light. I’m sure you’ve already seen this gadget before but trust me it looks amazing and also this is a very useful gadget. You can buy two of this mini USB LED lights at just, 48 rupees.