Top 5 Strategies To Achieve Your Goals

Hey! In this article, we discussed about goals achieving strategy which will help you to achieve your valuable goals. But first, let me clear one myth, Some of you think that goals and dreams are the same things if you believe in this too. then you are absolutely wrong because a dream is just an imagination that feels you good but a goal can change your life completely.
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1. Set Goal Wisely

So this is the first step, Although it is a little bit hard to set a goal for yourself because in a human’s mind there are a lot of thoughts and ideas are running continuously without any break. And we can’t stop it but sometimes we can reduce it by calming and relaxing.
So, before setting a goal, you must ensure one thing always that goal that you want to achieve is really worth it? For you or not, if not? Then don’t waste your time on it and leave it. And the second thing that you should always keep in mind. Your goal must be practical which means while setting a goal, you should analyze your goal is possible or not, example: If a student who is weak in studies and set a goal that he will study hard and become a doctor in 2 months, I know what you want to say, He’s just an idiot because we know it takes many years of preparation to become a doctor. That’s why set that kind of goal that can be practically possible. Let’s take another example: Mike is a middle-class man and he set a goal that “He will work hard and one day buys his own house for himself in the big city” It sounds good. and he can achieve this goal. I’m telling you these things because few people almost waste their time on valueless goals. So choose your ambitious goals wisely that can change your life.

2. Create a Perfect Plan

After setting a goal you need a master plan to achieve your goal. If you are thinking that, you have to think again because a perfect plan is necessary to reach the goal. Once a great investor and the world’s third-richest man Warren Buffett said that “An idiot with a plan can beat the genius who doesn’t have a plan” A perfect plan will guide you to take the actions properly. It is very useful to track your progress towards your goal. A plan is very important to work smartly. It is a good advisor who tells us what kind of actions should be taken first, when should we do this step, and how it should be performed. Plan can save our a lot of time and energy. ‘A goal without a plan is not a goal, it is just a dream in the goal-achieving strategies this is the most important factor to achieving a goal faster. So, always remember one thing ‘A goal to be achieved required a perfect plan’ without planning your goal is just a piece of paper.

3. Consistency

Whenever we talk about success and another big thing which we want in our life then one word always comes to our mind which is consistency. When you listen motivational speakers, life coach, your mentor who have been achieved their goals, so much. When they talk about some tips and advice to be successful or goal-achieving strategies. They give one common piece of advice, “Being Consistent” Because all the world-class personalities who achieved so much in their life. They always said that “The consistency is the key of success” without consistency your hard work, your money, your efforts are valueless. We discussed a lot about consistency now let’s understand what is the real meaning of it? When we doing something continually again and again every single day without getting bored that will be called ‘Consistency‘. To achieve the ambitious goals you have to implement one habit under all circumstances. Consistency comes from being patients and calmness. Let’s take a scenario ” Ben, who 22 year old fatty man, he wants to loose weight. He set a goal that he will exercise and eating only diet foods, and go to the gym every day “ According to his plan, he started all of these things. He he started running in the early morning, eating only diet, going
gym daily. Sounds good! It had been 3 days only since Ben was following this hard routine. But he noticed that he not lost a little bit of his belly yet. And he starts loosing intrest in day to day routine. If he had been patient and followed the routine consistency, he would have succed in his weight loosing goal. It takes time for something to be happens. Just keep doing that work consistently and every next time make some of required changes on it for better improvement this one simple thing will help you to become successful. Implement the habits of consistency in yourself to achieve your most ambitious goal

4. Avoid Distractions

Destruction is the biggest enemy for all of us and those people who want to achieve the goals. It can kill your motivation. It will reduce your productivity energy not only for success but it is very common problems of our generation. Distraction diverts our attention from the task and involved in the entertainment or social media. Social media is really dangerous enemy for you. Across 400 millions of people are using social media in our country this is the huge number and very serious issue but no one is talking about this. Mobile addiction is now the biggest addition all over the world. Many of us spending too much time on smartphones for no reason. According to the study of 2019-2020 people used smartphone on an average 4 to 7 hours a day rest of all the work which was the important for them. I’m telling you on this planet no one can stop being distracting completely but can be controlled it. Follow these simple steps I’m mentioning below.
1. Turn Off Notifications: To avoid distractions turn off all the unnecessary notifications from your smartphone. Someone uploaded story on Instagram, received spam email, some sent you a friend request, someone starting live video on Instagram. One such useless notifications take your entire focus away from important work for your goals and takes it to social media, email box, YouTube and then we start spending a lot of time.

2. Learn to say No! Suppose, You are working on something which is very important for you, while working your friend call you and ask for hangout, he’s your friend you think you can’t say him ‘no’, may be he feel bad by listening No! from you. For this stupid reason you said Yes! leaving your work incomplete you went to hangout with him. Who wasted time in this? Of course you. You need to implement the habit of saying No!.

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5. Make Self Discipline

All the successful people you have seen or heard, whomever you consider your idol. Whenever you hear about them or see their interviews whenever interviewer asked the secret to being a successful person then they all mentioned one same thing while narrating their success story and that thing is ‘Self Discipline’. It is difficult to achieve the goals without adopting the habit of self discipline. I know there is some pain in being self disciplined person because you have to sacrifice many things but after a while it works well. Here I’m mentioning some great benefits of self discipline.

1. Health: Self discipline is like a medicine. If you want to stay fit and fine then no one can do it for you apart from yourself. If you are very serious about your health then you will follow only well disciplined routine without any excuse, you will exercise daily, will eat only diet food and stay away from fast food and laziness. If you are a well disciplined person then trust me no one can stop you to become fit and energetic person.

2. Education: Suppose, You decided to crack most difficult exam then you have only one way to clear it, Self discipline. You will study daily, except for the wasteful things or hangout. You set reminders for study time table. And just studying daily and focus on one thing that you have to crack that exam with good grades.

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