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Hello! Everyone. Today we are talking about Stand Up Comedian Zakir Khan Biography at zonsity. He is one of the best & famous comedian and shayar also a poetry writer, khan very famous on YouTube.

Zakir Khan was born on 8 August 1987 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh
In his family, father, whose name is Ismail Khan, a music teacher, and mother Kusum and two brothers Arbaaz Khan, Zeeshan Khan.

Zakir Khan has done B.Com in studies, he thought he was not good-looking so, he thought of becoming a comedian. And with that, he started a new journey in his life. The music he got from his father. He specializes in sitar.
He was fond of comedy since childhood, but he says that both grief and success are different things. Zakir Khan was fond of comedy since childhood so, he participated in a show, but he was removed from the stage before time.
Which he did not like at all, but he had a lot of passion, he kept the passion and overcome his shortcomings, which was his comedy.
He has also written a lot of poetry and poet because he has been very interested in writing as a child before becoming Zakir Khan Comedian,  He worked for Fever 104FM as a researcher for 4 years just to add money.
Apart from this, he first worked as a sitar player in Delhi, just to spend his money.
2012 Zakir Khan’s life took a turn that he thought would not happen.
He participated in India’s best stand-up comedian show and won those shows. Zakir Khan was slowly becoming very famous, he did a lot of shows in Delhi NCR.
In 2015, now, YouTube thought of doing a show with its own Air with Dab, which was in Hindi variety, they needed a comedian Air Web AIB, in which Zakir Khan’s friend spoke to send Zakir Khan.
AIB loved Zakir Khan’s work so that’s why he made offers to him and Zakir also accepted the offer as he had to shift to Mumbai And Zakir went to Mumbai for that show and shifted there.
People liked the Hindi version of On Air with AIB and Zakir Khan liked it very much in Mumbai too, and he too got success.
After joining Zakir Khan from Canvas Laugh Club, he did successful shows with Hit and was successful. He has also done shows in many other places like Dubai Singapore Philippines.
Seeing the success of Zakir Khan, Amazon offered him for Amazon Prime Special. Zakir Khan also accepted the offer and his show (Haq se single) very popular and (kaksha gyarvi) Amazon
Zakir Khan touched the hearts of the people with the comedy at the right timing, and everyone loved it and today Zakir Khan gave success He is touching high. Stand Up Comedian Zakir Khan is also a YouTubers Musician and Today, he became a very Famous human.

A special thing about Zakir Khan is to form emotional bonds with people who see and hear him.
His comedy is very simple and worth watching with family.
His comedy shows the life of middle-class people, the same questions are easily answered in a simple manner.
What is the first journey of people, what kind of difficulties do they face, how does a little person become very famous Zakir Khan in his Narrating in comedy.

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